Virusdie Pitchground Lifetime Deal

Virusdie Pitchground Lifetime Deal & Best Protect Malware Attacks Tool

Virusdie Pitchground Lifetime Deal Is Back Again In Just ($97): PitchGround brings you Virusdie – The antivirus suite you need to protect your online business and websites. Virusdie Save Your Website From The Malware Attacks – Fix All Your Hacked Websites and Protect Them From Future Malware Attacks

In any case, you need to protect your business from harmful hackers and so you need to know the risks you’re facing and the steps to counter those attacks. Let’s take the example of an online shopping store.

The first is distributed denial-of-service attacks that occur when hackers overload e-commerce channels and supply chains with fake orders, email queries, and other digital traffic, “resulting in operational network system overloads”, says Mr. Garrett.
The second is business email compromise attacks, with “cyberattackers posing as business partners or suppliers requesting payments for fake products or services”.
The third is ransomware attacks, where a hacker encrypts a retailer’s data and will only decrypt it on payment of a ransom.

In general, the look and feel are very clean and uncomplicated. You do not need to be an IT expert to manage this tool. It is incredibly simple to use, although the features are quite exhaustive. And it is designed in a way most things run on autopilot so you won’t need to spend your time checking that everything is fine. I genuinely recommend Virusdie to any owner of one or more websites and agencies and professionals creating and managing websites.

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Virusdie has taken advanced, professional-grade site security tools and made them simple, intuitive, automatic, and cloud-based. That means you can do it all yourself. It’s really fast and easy.

1. Antivirus and Firewall

Remove Malware with 1 Click – Scan sites and remove infected files, Trojans, backdoors, shell scripts, and other malicious code from PHP, JS, HTML, images, system files, and even binary files. Virusdie uses its anti-malware database to accurately remove malware from files. It keeps your websites stable after cleanup. And no matter what happens, Virusdie makes automatic backups that you can restore in one click. If Virusdie detects malware that it can’t cure on its own, you can investigate the issue yourself using its built-in file editor.

  • Continuous scans for malware and automatic website malware removal.
  • Accurate anti-malware database; your site continues to run stably after cleanup.
  • Malware removal takes seconds, not hours! Pre-cleanup file backups.
  • No wastage of your server’s bandwidth and no extreme server CPU load.
  • Compatible with PHP-based websites and popular frameworks like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, DLE, etc.

2. Blacklist Monitoring and URL Scanning

Check 60+ Blacklists – Virusdie helps you see when a website has been blacklisted and helps you un-blacklist sites easily. If one of your sites is blacklisted, access to that site will be restricted by one or more services (e.g., Google), meaning that your customers will lose visitors.

It checks the sites against 60+ blacklists every 10 days automatically and will notify you if any issues are detected. You can also manually check blacklists in with a single click and view blacklist details. Also, you can redo the blacklist scan manually with one button click if you need it. On top of all that, you can even send un-blacklisting requests to blacklist providers right from Virusdie.

3. File Editor and Manager

Analyze and Edit Files A built-in file editor with malicious code highlighting helps you examine malicious and suspicious code in your files. You can easily see malicious code fragments in files and analyze, edit or remove them. You can also restore automatically cleaned files from a backup with a single click, change file permissions, and view all file details.

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Virusdie Lifetime Deal In pitchground Plan $97

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