lifetime deal Pitchground Lifetime Deal Just $52 Pitchground Lifetime Deal Just $52 Limited Time Offer: is the perfect tool for creating impactful video presentations. This AI-powered video platform will convert text to human-led videos without visiting a studio. Create stunning-looking video presentations at scale with vidBoard’s pre-designed templates. 

Choose from 125+ languages to communicate effectively through a video presentation with the help of digital avatars in different voices. Talk to your audience with confidence and impact using its proprietary AI-enhanced features. 

Cut down video production cost and time by 80% and create stunning-looking video presentations at scale with a video board.

Videos are a great way to communicate with your audience. That’s why you need this AI-powered video platform that makes it easy for businesses to create engaging videos without the hassle of production studios or animation.

This tool will become your “virtual studio” and assumes the role of actor, translator, voice-over artist, and editor, all rolled into one, with the power of machine learning and AI. 

Instead of spending weeks in the studio recording, editing, and animating, you can create professional avatars and videos in a few minutes.

  • video board is an AI-powered platform that produces human-led videos using pre-designed industry templates and AI-generated avatars that can speak 125+ languages. Perfect for creating impactful video presentations without having to visit a studio.
  • Similar to: Synthesia, Rephrase, and Hourone.
  • Intuitive UI and UX, easy-to-use platform, very stable.
  • Best for Solopreneurs, Freelancers, SMEs, Content Creators, and Agencies who need to create personalized video presentations quickly and effectively.


Avatar Generation Using Just Front-Facing Photographs:

videoboard converts a front-facing photograph into a talking head. You do not have to manually record your videos since the front-facing photograph does the magic.

Adding Presentation Elements:

vidBoard has a range of multimedia elements for the user to choose from. This includes text, word art assets, images, audio, video, background images, and videos to make the presentation more attractive. 

Add multiple slides to your video to make each video presentation section unique. You can even upload a custom image of their liking to the presentation and add certain aesthetically pre-designed cover videos. lifetime deal

Why are businesses choosing over the rest:

  • Talking avatars are generated using human photographs without any SDKs, without the trouble of visiting a studio, and generating several hours of training videos for avatar generation.
  • Near realistic lip sync.
  • Computationally affordable – We are affordable for mass-market (B2B and B2C).
  • Speech translation and transcription (subtitles) in 125+ languages.
  • Video generation in minutes, which is exponentially lesser than the market standards.
  • Available on a lifetime deal for a limited period.

Create professional-looking presenter-led videos with ease with the power of AI using vidBoard. The best part? You will pay just once and can use for a lifetime; grab your lifetime deal today.

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