RateMyService Pitchground Lifetime Deal

RateMyService Pitchground Lifetime Deal & Full Review 2022

 RateMyService Pitchground Lifetime Deal Is Back Again For Just ($29): RateMyService is a Customer Feedback & Survey solution that helps businesses insert a Customer Satisfaction or CSAT survey in their staff’s email signatures.

customer support is the face of your company, but it’s hard to tell if you’re looking good without a mirror. Sure, you could pick your customer’s brains by shooting them an email survey, but not everyone likes a crowded inbox.

If only there was a way to get more customer feedback while putting less pressure on customers and your support team. Enter RateMyService

Best for:

Teams looking to improve their customer experience with actionable insights from customer surveys. I.e.
1Sales teams
2Customer support teams
3Admin teams

Video 🎥 here!

Alternatives to:

NiceReply, Simplest, Customer Thermometer, GetFeedback, Podium, SmileBack, UserTesting, Recently


  • Celebrate Awesomeness Identify your top staff performers and celebrate their awesomeness!
  • Remove “Dead Wood” Quickly identify your worst performers and help them grow!|
  • Peace of Mind Your customers can instantly connect with a manager when balls are dropped.
  • Time Saver No more need to monitor/inspect your staff mailboxes.
  • Become Better Watch your team “fly higher” as a result of an email signature CSAT.


  • Highly customizable survey
  • Quickly add users with G-Suite & Office 365 integrations or by using CSV
  • Email notifications for completed customer surveys
  • Easy-to-read reporting/dashboard

Plans & Pricing

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