Learnum Pitchground Lifetime Deal

Learnum Pitchground Lifetime Deal And Full Review 2022

Learnum Pitchground Lifetime Deal Is Back Again For Just ($49): Learnum is an excellent choice for everyone eager for knowledge. Anyone searching to spread online education can make the best use of Learnum.

Learnum presents excellent tools for building online content: courses, text, video and stream lessons, interactive quizzes, and assessments,  as well as monitoring the quality of the courses and training programs. 

Learnum allows users to not only create and deliver courses on all kinds of subjects but also promote and monetize them. The creators can make a good amount of revenue by selling the courses. 

Learnum helps people with a lack of technical knowledge to create online schools without any hassle. It is user-friendly and can be utilized by any kind of educational program.
Your e-learning content can be presented in a fully white-label site that you can build with the embedded drag-and-drop site builder.

Finally, you don’t have to worry about searching and choosing a hosting service to place your website. Learnum has its own hosting space. Leave it to us, focus only on your online education business.

With Learnum you can:

  • Create courses and manage them in the easiest ways possible
  • Create unique courses with a wide range of functions that are ideal and well-designed for an educational website. All features are developed explicitly for course management.
  • Get an amazing Site Builder. Edit the landing page of your website with drag-and-drop features. Customize the header and footer, texts with multiple styles, fonts, and skin color.
  • Use Drag-and-Drop tools to create courses and lessons, update course descriptions and curricula, and select lesson variations (text, video, slides).
  • Prepare quizzes with Quiz Builder, set the time limit, and for examinations.
  • Assign homework/assignments and set the deadline for submission. You may also set what files are allowed to be submitted, the size of the files, and allowed attachment numbers and attempts.

Plans & Pricing

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Learnum Lifetime Deal In pitchground Plan $49

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