EasyMon Pitchground Lifetime Deal

EasyMon Pitchground Lifetime Deal & Full Review 2022

EasyMon Pitchground Lifetime Deal Is Back Again For Just ($29.99): EasyMon is a server and website monitoring system that allows you to watch and monitor your website & server uptimes and performance.

It does not require coding or system administration knowledge, 100% web platform that allows you to configure critical alerts. Don’t waste your time watching logs in the terminal and command line!

It’s always hard to monitor your server uptime and performance from the command line and web terminals, not everyone has the system administration knowledge to do it

EasyMon is the best solution for server and website monitoring, it has a very friendly dashboard and navigation system.

Server Monitoring

  • Server Specifications (CPU Mode, CPU Cores, AVG Load, Kernel Version, Hostname, OS Type, SWAP Partition Monitoring, IP, SSH Sessions, Active Connections, PNG Latency
  • Monitor Load Per CPU Core/Thread
  • Monitor RAM and SWAP Usage
  • Monitor Network interfaces (In/Out Speed, Packets, Status)
  • Monitor Processes
  • Configure Critical Alert Notifications
  • Monitor Incidents
  • The agent checks every 15 seconds
  • Logs are saved for 180 Days.

Website Monitoring

  1. Website Status Monitoring
  2. Performance Monitoring
  3. Search string setup
  4. Uptime statistic for 12 months, 30 days, 7 days, 24 hours
  5. Critical Alert Configuration
  6. Incidents Monitoring

Service Check

  • Service Uptime Monitoring
  • TCP/UDP Port Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Critical Alert Configuration
  • Incidents Monitoring
  • The agent checks every 15 seconds
  • Logs are saved for 180 Days.

You can create an unlimited status page, individually for servers, websites,s or services.

Plans & Pricing

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